28 August 2008

OH YeaH!

Okay so about 3 weeks ago I went on a little weekend trip to visit my cousins who were in Utah for the weekend. We all brought our kids who met for the first time and had such a blast sharing mom stories and watching them play. It was so weird to watch this very strange reality...only because about a "few" :) years ago my cousins and I used to play together and we'd pretend about this exact same situation where we were grown ups and we had boyfriends and kids:)

We also played really funny things like Princess Academy where the leader Arika would teach Heather and I how to become "proper princess's." We would have trampoline class (because you know if you are a princess you need to know how to do a perfect straddle and back handspring:) I won't get into other games we played but reminiscing about these times was so much fun.

One picture I stole from my cousin Alexis's blog of the weekend is my Grandma Sandi or as Mera and the rest of my girlfriends know her "Grandma Boley" (my dad's mom) with all the great grand kids and as you can see Berlin LOVED doing this. :)And no that isn't Heather with a binki in her mouth:)


Leah said...

How come we have to grow up! I want to go back to playing princess! Oh but life is great now and I wouldn't trade it! Tell your mom hello. I need to email her again.

Anonymous said...

That makes me laugh because my cousin and I were the same way. And now we both have little boys that are exactly 6 weeks apart. Good times!

Great Grandma Baumgartner Boley said...

Considering how I looked that day I feel so blessed to have such beautiful posterity.I can say I truly love from the bottom of my heart their parents, my grandchildren who produced them, I am honored to be their great-grandmother.Berlin so perfectly cryingly saying, I love my cousins and my Great Grandmother Sandi Baumgartner Boley.